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ONE Musicfest Partners with Lennd to Streamline Event Operations

by Chris Carver
on July 19, 2019


(Atlanta, GA) The team behind the ONE Musicfest, has partnered with Lennd as part of an ongoing initiative to streamline their event operations and improve internal communication.

Rival Entertainment and the ONE Musicfest team will be leveraging Lennd's event management software to improve their process around credentials, internal tickets and passes, guest list management, press, vendor and volunteer applications, catering, tracking critical vendor documents, vendor equipment requests and more.


When asked why they chose Lennd, Festival Producer, Josh Antenucci, said:
“We chose Lennd because it will eliminate the workload burden on our festival team and be much more convenient for all of our staff, artists, suppliers and partners. Without Lennd, the administrative workload takes a significant amount of time that could be better spent on more valuable customer and client facing initiatives.


“It’s incredible to see another progressive event team investing in their operational systems as a way to re-allocate their focus on higher impact areas.” said, Lennd Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Carver. 


Front Gate Tickets + Lennd Integration
As part of the partnership, the ONE Musicfest Box Office and Credentials team will be leveraging Lennd's integration with ticketing and RFID provider Front Gate Tickets.

Integration Details

When asked about how the integration will impact the festival, Carver mentioned:
“We constantly hear that managing credential and ticket requests, allocations and guest list submissions can be a logistical nightmare, that sucks up a lot of time for everyone involved. The Lennd and Front Gate integration continues to help events like ONE Musicfest reduce their workload and improve their communication: from Box Office and Credentials Personnel, Artist Relations, Sponsorship, Hospitality and Media, to Artist Managers, Vendors and staff. 


Lennd is a next generation event management platform that simplifies operations and advancing, so event teams can work smarter, improve their communication, reduce their costs and improve the overall event experience for everyone involved.  Trusted by some of the top festivals and live event organizations around the world, Lennd is automating the still manual systems that cause the event production process to be expensive, hard to replicate, chaotic and inefficient.

To learn why some of the most respected event teams trust Lennd to power their event operations or sign up for a demo: 

ONE Musicfest is the Southeast's largest 2 day, urban progressive music festival. Taking place in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th, 2019.

Rival Entertainment is an Atlanta-based independent concert promoter and producer of music-centric live events. Rival produces 300+ concerts, festivals and events annually. Since 2004, Rival Entertainment provides comprehensive concert production, event management and for-hire services.

Lennd Contact:
Chris Carver 
Co-Founder & CEO

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