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Group Y Partners with Lennd to Streamline Speaker Operations

by Chris Carver
on January 17, 2020
Group Y

(Laguna Beach, CA)  Group Y, the leading collective of professionals focused on Youth Marketing, Lifestyle and Progressive and Expressive cultures, has partnered with Lennd to help streamline their speaker management and operations for their portfolio of 25+ events a year.

Past events range from ComplexCon: ComplexCon(versations), to Adidas 747 All-Star Weekend Festival: #TLKS, to KSwiss CEOs Wear Sneakers: Speaker Series, to Something In The Water: More Than The Music Panels, to Hall of Flowers: Speaker Series and more.


Along with the production of their own events, Group Y manages all aspects of speaker management: ideation, securing speakers, series format and schedules, marketing, advancing, on-boarding, production, managing payment, handling media requests, guest lists, content approvals, coordinating lodging, travel,  transportation and more.

When asked what the biggest problems they are looking to solve by leveraging Lennd, Founder & CEO, Mark Sperling said:

"Our processes have been consumed by the incessant back and forth emails and calls with talent and their management. We historically had to use a combination of Google docs, folders, Excel, or Airtable sheets. I think most event professionals can relate, but those tools are just not set up for the dynamic environment we work in.  

During pre-planning, we would make sure we had the most up-to-date info in each document, then would quickly see things break down, no matter how organized we were. We would spend endless hours on follow up emails, and then inevitably miss a response, or have a document we needed get stuck in spam or one of the many departments we work with (like Production, Accounting, Legal, Travel, Marketing / PR / Social Media, and Content) would miss a key piece of information in their email. There was always a strong possibility of miscommunication.

Lastly, when dealing with A-List Talent, the privacy of their personal information is a vital issue. Because of this, we would have to replicate numerous documents and only share select data to each team. This would create extra work and errors. It would get to the point where we would have 25+ tabs open on our browser and just copy/paste to each of those documents daily."

Complex Con 2018

When asked why they chose Lennd as their partner, Sperling said:

First: Lennd is a one-stop, online platform that allows us to connect with all aspects of an event & festival. All the other event-based platforms we reviewed were missing the necessary modules which we needed to be successful. 

Second: Lennd streamlines the communication & collection of info with talent and provides real-time reporting.

Third: The customization and user interface is easy to use and ideal. We also tested the platform on past events, and it was perfect.

Fourth: The best part is working directly with the Lennd team. They clearly pride themselves on service and training and are focused on constantly improving the product. We’re able to provide feedback and see necessary changes made to ensure a better experience for our team.”

Hall of Flowers Speaker Series

When asked what the partnership means to Lennd? Lennd, CEO, Chris Carver said:

“It’s always an honor to work with one of the top agencies in their field and Group Y is definitely setting the standard when it comes to curating these experiences and speakers.

It's also really validating for our team, because this partnership showcases the flexibility of the Lennd platform and how Lennd can be leveraged for individual or multiple use cases within an event." 


Producer of over 225 nationwide events, building a highly engaged online and live event community, and curating over 700 guest speakers from the world of business, fashion, music, entertainment, media, tech, finance, politics and more, whom all share a common talent: authentically engaging with youth culture. 

Since 2006, Group Y is the original and leading collective of professionals focused on Youth marketing, lifestyle, and other progressive and expressive cultures. Our mission is to intersect influencers across industries and ignite ideas that inspire the current and next-generation leaders and decision-makers. Leveraging events, outreach, content, and consultation, Group Y takes the work out of networking and strengthens the areas where industries overlap.


Lennd is a next generation event management platform that simplifies operations and advancing, so event teams can work smarter, improve their communication, reduce their costs and improve the overall event experience for everyone involved.  Trusted by some of the top live event organizations around the world, Lennd is automating the still manual systems that cause the event production process to be expensive, hard to replicate, chaotic and inefficient.

To learn why some of the most respected event teams trust Lennd to power their event operations or sign up for a demo: 

Lennd Contact:
Chris Carver 
Co-Founder & CEO

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