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Conference USA Partners with Lennd to Streamline Sponsor Operations

by Chris Carver
on February 18, 2020

(Dallas, Texas) Conference USA has partnered with Lennd to streamline sponsor and vendor operations and improve communication surrounding their 16 Conference Championship events.


When asked why C-USA chose Lennd, Chief Revenue Officer, Drew Mitchell, said:
We were looking for a system that could track all of our event logistics needs, primarily focused on improving the management and engagement of our single & multi-game sponsors and vendors.

In the past, we have relied primarily on spreadsheets, and found that they just were not serving us adequately and lacked features that an event organization like ours require to properly activate and nurture vendor and sponsor relationships."

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 1.37.29 PM

Challenges of Managing Sponsors
"We manage a wide range of sponsors and sponsorships (from the title sponsor of a major championship to a sponsor of a student-athlete lunch). And just about every department (ie. Sports Services, Sponsorship, Multimedia, External Marketing, Finance, Communications, etc.) plays a role in ensuring that each contract is being executed. Historically it can be really challenging to manage and track every moving piece of a sponsorship. Then add 70 plus sponsors and multiple stakeholders across 16 championship events and other smaller events. 

We wanted to bring all of those departments into one platform to ensure our staff can communicate efficiently. We expect Lennd will dramatically improve our staff’s efficiency as it relates to activation, data management and communication surrounding sponsors and vendors.

The Impact on the Sponsors
"A system like Lennd should have an impact on the overall sponsor experience in a few ways.

First: Giving the sponsor one place to be able to see updates, changes and communication rather than through a myriad of emails. If they have more control it will be easier on them to communicate. I’m excited to leverage Lennd to help with that because the more fluid the administrative experience is for the sponsor, that reflects well on the overall partnership they have with C-USA.

Second: Without a system to keep everything organized, it’s really easy for things to slip through the cracks and get bogged down by the sponsorship logistics, versus focusing on higher impact activities. If our internal team is on top of the status of each sponsor, then we can be more pro-active, strategic and intentional. Which inherently improves our engagement with each sponsor and in-turn their experience.

When asked about other systems they looked at, Mitchell said:

"We looked at other traditional CRM’s, but the difficulty was trying to find something that could get the event staff on the same platform as the sponsorship team."

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 1.34.36 PM


“Unlike a traditional CRMs, Sponsor Databases or spreadsheets, Lennd allows a event organizations like Conference USA to manage sponsor and vendor details across multiple events, while also managing specific sponsor info and logistics within each activation, event or game. The modular nature of the Lennd platform will allow Conference USA to manage more details on each sponsor (from Credentials, Documents, Schedules, Equipment, etc.) for their largest Championship events, while also managing the basics for their smaller, less complex events. We truly believe this flexibility is critical for a successful sponsor operation.” said Lennd Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Carver.

“More and more organizations like Conference USA understand the value of having one centralized database that streamlines sponsor needs and requests, while providing actionable intelligence and communication tools at their fingertips. They clearly understand the implications of relying on traditional spreadsheets to manage such critical sponsor information.” said Carver

When asked how they would describe Lennd to their counterparts at other Conferences and athletic departments, Mitchell said,
"We look at LENND as our comprehensive platform to track sponsorship and event logistics. As simple as that sounds, it was very hard to find a complete solution. The Ease-of-use for our sponsors and better organization of our data will be the true definition of success with Lennd."

Value & Impact

“Sponsors are a critical aspect of any event, especially sports and college athletics. The Conference USA team clearly recognizes the value and impact a vendor and sponsor management platform (like Lennd), can have on their entire organization. It's incredible to work with such progressive partners like the Conference USA team.” said, Carver.






Conference USA is an NCAA Division I athletic conference based in Dallas, Texas, that services 14 institutions of higher education – Charlotte, FIU, Florida Atlantic, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, North Texas, Old Dominion, Rice, Southern Miss, UAB, UTEP, UTSA and WKU. Now in its third decade, Conference USA has adapted to the ever-changing landscape of collegiate athletics with an unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity and leadership in competition, academics and community. The 2019-20 academic year holds special meaning for Conference USA as the league embarks on a celebration of its 25th season.


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Lennd Contact:
Chris Carver 
Co-Founder & CEO

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