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Made Events Chooses Lennd to Power their Advancing Process for Electric Zoo.

by Chris Carver
on September 1, 2021
Electric Zoo

Made Events Chooses Lennd to Power their Advancing Process for Electric Zoo

The leading festival for the world's biggest bass music djs and EDM artists, Electric Zoo, has partnered with Lennd for their 3-day festival this Labor Day Weekend. The team chose Lennd for their suite of event advancement tools to support the onboarding and management of their credentials, catering and assets.

They needed a solution that would give them the ability to communicate more effectively and save time by reducing data entry and duplication of work.

Electric Zoo Objectives:

When asked why Electric Zoo decided to work with Lennd, Brian Tamke, Director of Operations at Made Events said:

"Building any large event requires a tremendous amount of coordination. From staff management and credentialing, to asset ordering and delivery, the workload can be staggering. LENND enables our teams to seamlessly integrate during the advance processes and throughout the event build and break."  

When asked what the impact of a solution like Lennd would be for Electric Zoo, Lennd's CEO Chris Carver said:

Even though we get to work with some of the best brands in the event world, it is always exciting to bring on new partners like Made Events to support such a renowned event like Electric Zoo. Especially in such a tumultuous time. We know how hard it is on these event teams to come back from such a crazy year. As such, we've made some significant investments in our platform in order to help make their lives easier, reduce their costs and improve their communication. Therefore, I'm excited for more teams like Electric Zoo to recognize that effort and take advantage of these enhancements.” 

When asked to describe the details of the enhancements the team have made, Lennd's Co-Founder and CTO, Josh Parolin said:

First of all, one of the things we decided early on during COVID, was to make sure our engineering team stays in tact and working at full-speed. We know there is always more we can do, so even though financially it was a tough decision, we knew our team and our partners would be better off.

Second, we made an important decision to revamp the interface of the platform for the administrator. We believe those updates and the updates we are rolling out the next few weeks will make the set up, training and management of and advance in Lennd, so much easier. So much so, that we'll see events of all shapes and sizes being able to take advantage of the tools.

Third, we've launched and will be launching some new functionality like SMS communication, auto assignment of items, portal updates and a lot more. This year is going to be exciting from a product perspective and I hope other event teams check it out." 

The following includes a list of features and functionality Electric Zoo will be using:

Built for You: What's New from Lennd

The world of events moves fast. Over the past six months, our team has been hard at work, developing new features and updates based on conversations with event industry leaders to respond to the challenges and changes across the space.

We invite you to join our live product demo, Built for You - What's New from Lennd on Sep 23rd. You can expect to hear tips and advice on how these features are helping event leaders from The Dew Tour, The PGA and Electric Zoo and more adapt to the new events landscape. Plus, we'll be answering your questions live!

lennd demo



Electric Zoo boasts the top bass music djs and EDM artists across the globe during their 3-day long festival in New York. Click here to see who is performing at Electric Zoo 2021.

Lennd is a next generation event operations portal that simplifies operations and logistics so event teams can work smarter, move faster, and improve their ROI.

Lennd's virtual media hub allows events of all sizes to offer a dynamic and engaging platform for media and any key constituent to immerse themselves into the event so they can efficiently cover the event virtually from around the globe. 

To learn how Lennd can support your upcoming event, visit 

Lennd Contact:
Chris Carver 
Co-Founder & CEO

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