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How Made In LA Festival Integrated Lennd + Eventbrite

by Chris Carver
on November 14, 2019
Photo by Dave Vann 2017

How the Made In LA Festival integrated Lennd and Eventbrite to streamline their guest list management process.


Earlier this year, we (Lennd) received an email from Golden Road Brewery’s Experiential Manager and Lead Producer of the Made In LA Festival, Elizabeth Fowler. Liz needed a system to streamline the management of guests list for media, artists, talent agencies, etc, but also needed to integrate the names into her ticketing system.

Now that the festival is a wrap, we thought it would be helpful to share Liz’s experience using Lennd and integrating it with Eventbrite.

What is the Made In LA Festival?

Liz: Launched in 2017, the Made in LA Festival (presented by Golden Road) is a 2 Day Music and Arts Festival celebrating Los Angeles arts and culture – featuring LA born or based performers and artisans. This event is one avenue for Golden Road to continue to invest in our LA roots and stay true to our founding purpose of bringing fresh craft beer to the LA market.


What prompted you to reach out to Lennd? 

I needed a more efficient way to manage and add guest lists to Eventbrite. 

How did you manage the process in the past?

Liz: Paper lists! There are pretty limited options for handling attendees that do not purchase through any ticketing system. It resulted in numerous emails and spreadsheets capturing guest list names and additions.

What did the Lennd and Eventbrite Integration do for you? 

It allowed for the allocation of guest list to various parties (media, artists, talent agencies, etc VIP) and created a much more efficient mode of processing and communicating with attendees who did not purchase via Eventbrite directly. The self service ability for guest list management had a big impact.

If another event producer had a similar challenge and asked if you would recommend using Lennd, what would your response be? 

Absolutely! Beyond just the product experience, the service level at Lennd is amazing. I heard from Chris within hours of my original inquiry. He got on a call with me that day. Within minutes of our call ending, I was issued a test account and continued to have excellent support and service from Ben.

How did you find out about Lennd and its integration with Eventbrite? 

The Eventbrite App Marketplace

How would you describe Lennd to someone producing an event like Made In LA? 

It improves/expands the functionality of Eventbrite while not compromising the value and role of Eventbrite as it relates to ticket management. It’s intuitive to use and very customizable!

Learn more about our integration with Eventbrite

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