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Kilowatt Events Partners with Lennd to Streamline Event Operations

by Chris Carver
on April 22, 2019


(San Diego, CA) The Kilowatt Events team has partnered with Lennd, as part of an ongoing initiative to streamline their event operations across their portfolio of events.

The Kilowatt Events team will be leveraging Lennd to manage many of the core aspects of their operations: From Vendor, Sponsor and Artist Management (Contracts, Personnel, Equipment Requests, Transportation, Hotels, Booth Orders, guest lists, etc.), to Parking, Document Tracking, Credential and Catering Management, internal ticket management , to Vendor, Volunteer, Media and Job Applications  and more.

When asked why the Kilowatt Team chose Lennd? Kilowatt Co-Founder & President, Anthony Dittmann, said:
“We really like the dynamic and malleable nature of the Lennd platform. The options are really what any event could possibly need to be more efficient. We operate several different categories of events in size and style, so we needed something that was user friendly for the variety of clients that we cater to. We needed something that can support a large operation and quickly transition to streamline a smaller event without much effort."


“It's an honor to work with really successful agency partners like the Kilowatt team. With such a diverse set of high caliber event partners, it helps us showcase the flexibility and depth of the Lennd platform and continues to push us to innovate even more”, said Chris Carver, Co-Founder and CEO of Lennd.

Screenshot 2019-04-19 14.15.55
Some of Kilowatt's Partners

When asked what areas Lennd will impact the most for their team? Dittmann said,
"Internal Efficiency, as well as better staff & vendor engagement. Groups can log in and it’s one stop shopping, it’s almost fun. We feel like our teams are going to be more responsive in providing the information we need to process the event’s needs. It’s also no secret that Lennd is also going to drastically decrease the overwhelming amount of emails we deal with."


“As the experience economy continues to grow and evolve, consumers are expecting more and more out of the events they attend. Since production budgets are not expanding at the same pace, more and more event teams are leaning on technology to streamline their event operations. It’s really exciting to see partners like the Kilowatt Team rally behind Lennd and the technology we continue to release.” said Carver. 

When asked how they are going to define success with Lennd? Dittmann concluded: 
"I know Lennd will save us time. The exciting thing about that, is it will allow us to be better operators. Lennd gives us the ability to focus on other segments of the business that will permit us to make our events more transformative for the guests. In today’s world where we are buried in technology, people need events to break away and become human again and we want to foster that. It’s ironic that this technology will allow us to execute that mission for the world."

"In an industry that can't engage with robots, in some ways... Lennd is our robot."

--- Kilowatt Events, Co-Founder + President, Anthony Dittmann ---


Lennd is a next generation event management software platform that simplifies operations and logistics so event teams can work smarter, move faster, and improve their ROI.

To learn why some of the most respected event teams trust Lennd to power their event operations or sign up for a demo: 

Kilowatt Events, Inc. specializes in the development and execution of world-class events, including but not limited to: major televised sporting events, music festivals, client based events, experiential activations and mobile tours.

Lennd Contact:
Chris Carver 
Co-Founder & CEO

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