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Product Updates

Pass Management, Credentials & Payments Updates

by Chris Carver
on November 20, 2018
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We've released a number of new updates to our Credentials & Pass management tool! 

For those Event Operations "Nerds" (particularly anyone who deals with Credentials or Passes) we thought you'd really appreciate these latest updates.

Special thanks to the talented credentials & box office staff who've given us feedback. We hear you. We take a lot of pride in listening to and learning from event professionals like yourself. We're excited for you to see the improvements we've made.

Updates include improvements to:


Managing Requests & Approving Passes 

(ie. Credentials, Parking, Comp Tickets, VIP Passes, etc...)

We’ve heard you wanted an even easier way to do the following:

• One place to search across all passes, regardless of approval or issuance state.
• Easier ways to see pass request summaries
• Quick ways to bulk approve all passes, or all meals
• Intuitive filters to see only personnel, or only guests, or all artist passes
• Ways to see and approve only specific pass types
 Bulk edit & quick editing functions
• Sending email confirmations & invoices out to guests & attendees



A New Credential Manager Hub for Approvals & Issuance
We've simplified how credential & box office staff can manage their passes. Now you have:


New Group Summaries & Attendee Breakdowns

Now you have one place to see pass & credential summaries across your groups, departments, and individual personnel & attendees.

Bonus: More intuitive ways to bulk review those requests.

Manage Passes by Group

New & Improved Progress Bars to know where you're at in the process

Quickly having a high level view of where you are at in the fulfillment & pickup process is critical to success - and really, morale. You deserve to know how close you are to "done". Now your goal is in sight at all times.



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Issuing Passes & On-Site Check-In 

• A method to handle pre-pickup fulfillment & partial pickups onsite.
• The ability to attach & track unique barcodes & serial numbers to issued items

New! Handle Pre-Pickup Fulfillment & Partial Pickups On-Site
Want to process & pre-pack your orders prior to the rush of on-site check-in? No problem. Have instructions to give 2 of the 4 parking passes out to an approved pickup person on an order. Now we can handle that. 


NEW! Scanning to Attach & Search Your Passes
Issuing passes with unique numbers or barcodes? Now you can scan or enter these codes when fulfilling orders for pickup.

Want to know who's truck is parked in the fire lane? Now you can quickly lookup their parking pass to determine who it was issued to.

Using RFID with one of our integration partners? We'll sync back the attached UID's here so you have one place to troubleshoot issues on-site.



Set Prices on Passes & Collect Payment On Approval

We understand there are a number of scenarios that require an initial allocation, request and approval process, prior to processing payment (i.e. Applications, Internal Ticket Requests, VIP Passes, Parking, etc.). There are so many scenarios, we thought we'd give our partners full flexibility to:   


NEW! Collect Money on Paid Orders
Now you can process your back office requests & payments for credentials, comp tickets, donation tickets, & more - inside of Lennd. Collect requests - review & approve - and shoot off beautiful invoices and confirmation emails to get payment quickly & communicate efficiently. 




Event Payments on Lennd
Manage your most critical back office event payments, fees and invoices with Lennd's fully integrated, secure and easy to use transaction solution.
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