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Product Updates

This Month at Lennd: Enhanced Navigation, New APIs, SMS & More

by Erin Chesterton
on June 15, 2021
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Over the last few months, the Lennd team has been focused on a number of new features and enhancements to help streamline your event advance. More than ever (as events come back) we know event teams will need to find efficiencies in their operations. Which is why I am excited to start sharing these updates now and in the coming weeks/months. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.
Chris Carver
CEO - Lennd

API Update

We now give any ticketing and/or RFID company the ability to integrate into Lennd to automatically sync Approved Ticketing, Credentials and Catering requests, guest list names and more.
Feel free to share this information with your ticketing and RFID partner:

Click Here for the API Documentation
Click Here for the Ticketing/RFID Partner Workflows

Enhanced Navigation

We've refreshed our navigation to make it more intuitive to manage your event within Lennd. From your event details, to communication settings and reporting—the new lefthand sidebar menu will help guide you throughout the platform.

Importing Zones

When importing your credential requests and assignments, you can now include Zone assignments in your import. This eliminates a time consuming manual workflow, especially if you know what zones everyone should have beforehand.

image (2)-Jun-15-2021-05-03-13-15-PM

Email History

From confirmation emails to post-event follow ups—email history gives you insight into the status all of your key communications. Use this feature to see which emails were delivered and who has opened emails from your event. 


Send SMS Alerts

From weather and security updates to schedule changes—quickly send SMS alerts to your registrants and attendees directly from the Lennd portal. HINT: Be sure to add a form field asking for phone number in your event's registration form. 


Virtual Media Hub

The future of media and press operations requires a personalized, dynamic platform that gives the media outlets all of their information they need in one place. That's why we built Lennd's virtual media hub.

Pro Tip: This is not just a great tool for large sporting events. This tool can be leveraged by any live event, festival or conference to expand their media reach around the globe. 

Learn more about the benefits of a virtual media hub

virtual media hub

What our partners are saying...

“We want to use this moving forward because it's a game changer, not just for media. It's also a game changer for our staff and for those that are invested in the media operation...This is a communications tool at its core.”

Patrick Kravitz, Media Relations Specialist, PGA of America

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