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Product Updates

Interactive Status Tracking Dashboards

by Chris Carver
on November 17, 2019
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Customizable dashboards allow you to track vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, artists, crew & internal departments through every step in the on-boarding process.


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Track the on-boarding status of all your vendors, people & companies in realtime

→ Instantly see who hasn’t started on-boarding yet
→ Track form submissions & approval status
→ See who has outstanding paperwork due
→ View payment status for each group
→ Powerful filters surface groups that need your attention

Quick actions to save you time

→ Quickly send customized emails out to primary contacts at your groups
→ Click to edit & click to review and approval functionality
→ Quickly add & request additional resources for your groups


Send out reminder emails in bulk:

→ Another huge time saver
→ Easily create and insert message templates
→ Add merge tags to send one bulk email, with specific details for each recipient.


View & assign needs for each of your groups
For example: Asset & Equipment Needs, Credentials, Meals, and Ticket Allocations.


Customize what shows on each of your dashboards:

The Impact:

✔️Less Stress & More Time
✔️Better oversight & transparency
✔️Crucial information is more accessible

✔️Make faster & better informed decisions
✔️Easy to learn & on-board admin users

✔️Improves communication

✔️Things won't fall through the cracks
✔️Gather more of the data, forms and files you need
✔️Everything. In. One. Place.

More Features You'll Love:

Why We Built This:

We heard time and time again...

How easy it is to get overwhelmed or lose track of all of the moving parts when managing and on-boarding numerous sponsors, exhibitors, artists, volunteers, staff and crew for each event. 

The reasons..
Often multiple people and departments are managing and tracking information in different systems, spreadsheets or using an out of date database with little or no reporting. Which means the information is static, hard to access and relies on manual edits and updates.

What many asked for was...
One system that aggregates all of the operational information in one place, easily accessible, automatically tracks each step and allows each department head to make updates and take action right from one dashboard.

In other words, you wanted a system to...
Keep things from slipping through the cracks. A tool that helped you avoid communication breakdowns, missed deadlines, uncollected payments, & generally empower you to stay in control.


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