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Catering Requests & Management with Lennd

by Chris Carver
on April 8, 2019

meal management solution for events
Save Time, Money, and Food.

Lennd allows event managers to take control of the costly problems that occur when feeding event crew, artists, and staff.


Simple and Intuitive Online Requests
Easy Meal Assignments (By Group or Individual)
Robust Management and Approvals
Real-Time Reports
Fast and Flexible Check-In


Admin Catering Dashboard
With robust reporting, it's easy to stay on top of catering forecasting & budgeting.


Onsite Catering Check-In Tool
A simple way to quickly and accurately scan and check people in for each meal is critical step to staying within your budget.


Using RFID? 
No need to print and cut meal tickets anymore. Simply integrate with your RFID provider and personnel can scan into your catering areas.

Not using an RFID provider? 
Register barcoded credentials with the Lennd App to give personnel access to scan against their catering requests.


What you'll get:

Manually Add & Assign Catering
Track Meals on Groups or Individuals 
Create Custom Catering Request Forms
Onsite RFID Catering Check In
Password Protected Meal Overrides
Unlimited Admins
Unlimited Meal Types
Unlimited Hungry Personnel

Talk with Sales
Set up a demo to learn how top event teams are using Applications with Lennd to improve their process. 
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