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Event Portals by Lennd

by Chris Carver
on September 10, 2018
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A critical missing piece to your event planning process

A custom event home for all your vendors, artists, sponsors and any group to submit, request and find key information.


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The Problem

It is a pain to keep event information in one place — between emails, texts, forms and spreadsheets — it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of the latest information and critical due dates.

Your vendors, artists, sponsors, contractors and staff have the same problem. It's a big reason why things don't get submitted accurately or on time, why there needs to be multiple reminders and ongoing updates. We all know it can be really hard and time consuming to wrangle everything in and there's still a lot of debate on-site.

The Solution

A personalized event website for each of your vendors and groups to fill out required forms, make requests, communicate with event admins, and find key information. The best part? These custom spaces are created for you and your groups without a line of code.

Form_close dates

All of your forms in one place
With each form, each group can review the details of their submission, see approval status, form close dates and submit critical questions at any time.


Collect Critical Documents (COI's, contracts, waivers & more)
With each document request, the group submitting can see specific document criteria, document samples, review previous versions of the document and submit critical questions or comments at any time. 


eal-Time Approval Reports
There is often confusion onsite about what a vendor or contractor was approved for (golf carts, radios, parking, & more). Lennd’s event portal helps you avoid this confusion entirely by offering one place for a vendor, artist, exhibitor, sponsor or group to view the status of their requests, allocations and approvals in real-time. This can save hours of time and allow everyone to focus on what's important.


Collect Personnel Details & On-Site Needs
We all know how difficult it can be to allocate, collect and manage personnel needs from each vendor, contractor artist or group. There's always an incredible amount of back and forth to ensure everything is allocated and submitted correctly. Even then, it can be very difficult to keep everyone up to date on what was approved and processed.

Lennd's event event portal allows each group to easily view what they have been allocated, submit their personnel details and view the status of each assignment in real-time.


Communicate Critical Event Updates & Instructions

There is always critical information that everyone should be able to easily access. This historically lives in another document or site, which can easily get lost. 

The Lennd Event Portal allows the event team to easily add any key updates, documents, maps, FAQ's and training videos in one place. This information can easily be updated at any time as new info or changes are made. Having this section in the same place as my critical forms, documents, reports and people is always more likely to be seen. 



The Best Part? It's Easy to Setup.
In fact, there really isn’t a setup required. Each space gets automatically created for each group as you assign critical forms & document requests


Ready to onboard all of your groups and vendors? Just send off an email to all your groups at once and watch the information roll-in. 

Benefits of an Event Portal


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See how top event teams are utilizing event portals to improve communication & reduce confusion on-site
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