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10 Traits of the Best Box Office and Credential Managers

by Chris Carver
on April 2, 2018
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We've all heard it before:

You have to get the right people on the bus. Finding the right people is one of the most critical things you can do when you're focused on success; whether that is in business, on a team, in a band or when producing an event. 

And the Box Office and Credential Manager position is just one of those hires, you really don't want to get wrong. 

Therefore, we asked a number of experienced box office and credential managers what traits they look for in a great Box Office or Credential Manager. 

Get your Job Description ready:

Confidence and Authority

Look for someone with exceptional organizational and communication skills along with a certain level of confidence in their abilities. In order for them to be successful, they should understand their authority, but wield it with an eye towards customer service. One tip for anyone managing these individuals: it's really important that the credential managers are empowered by you or by management in general to enforce the policies. Don't just assume they know they have that authority.

Evan Gross
Database Manager, Outside Lands Music Festival, Life Is Beautiful & Okeechobee Music Festival


2  Personality and Communication Skills

Great personality and communication skills, great customer service skills; previous experience in a box office or accounting world; attention to detail and organization skills; ability to troubleshoot and adapt to situations on the fly; ability to work under pressure. 

Brandy Blaylock
SVP Event Management, Danny Wimmer Presents

3  Calm, yet a sense of urgency!  

Able to deal with LOTS of pressure from jerks and still keep their cool.  Able to work their ass off! Meticulous attention to detail. The more knowledge about the event, the better.  

Dixie Rubin
Operations Director, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation, Inc. 


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4  Big Picture, Operational and Compassionate

A magical combination of somebody who can think big picture, but also hands-on, operationally practical. Can have confidence and conviction implementing and upholding the policies at play. So really a deep understanding of what that means. And also helpful. I’m always concerned about the power dynamic when you’re on the side of the desk or the window when we’re holding the things that people want, it automatically creates a sensitive interpersonal dynamic between people. So I’m always very, very keen to find people who are humble, intelligent, can approach each interaction with compassion and humanity, but also not be doormats.

Rebecca Throne
Ticket Operations Manager, Burning Man & Black Rock City

5  Multi-Task and Calm Under Pressure

It can be a pretty demanding position to be in so having somebody who’s able to juggle a lot at the same time without getting super stressed out is really important. They need to comfortable handling sponsors, artists, and people we have relationships with in an organized, effective and pleasant way and be able to solve problems.

Tenille Goodspeed
Business Intelligence Manager, Republic Live


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6  Organized, Detailed, Work Horse

Organization, detail-oriented, and willing to put in the long hours are all important, but it also takes confidence. They have to be willing to not always have to ask someone else. Knowing when to make the call, when to make a decision on your own, and when to make a phone call is a big part of it. It's a fine balance between making that call and knowing that you need to reach out elsewhere to establish that. 

Angeline Chase Priefer 
Credentials Manager, Bonnaroo 
Director of Ticketing & Credentials, Pilgrimmage Music and Cultural Festival
Manager of Credentials, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

7  Patient and Positive. Set's the Tone for the team.

Our most successful managers are the ones that are really calm on site and patient with patrons. We have some really amazing team members that are so cheery and positive all day long, and I think it sets the tone for the entire team. From a customer service perspective that's what we want our patrons to deal with and we're really lucky to have team members that have that attitude because it can be a really stressful environment. 

Jennifer Stiles
General Manager, Founders Entertainment


8  Customer Focused, Operational and Confident

A great Credentials Manager is someone who inherently knows the meaning of great customer service, but strong enough to follow the approval process and procedures during the pick up process.  This person needs to be able to think and act operationally but also needs to have the confidence and will to speak up when there is an issue or discrepancy at any point through the set up or during the event. 

Seneca Manzo
Director of Ticketing Operations
National Hot Rod Association

9  A good manager of others

I am looking for someone who is detailed oriented, patient and customer service focused. Being tech savvy also helps. This individual also need to understand the importance of taking care of internal and external customers and is a good manager of others. 

Evan Gross
Database Manager, Outside Lands Music Festival, Life Is Beautiful & Okeechobee Music Festival

10  A diligent planner yet adaptable

A great credentials manager has an understanding of access control and it's impact on the overall event, venue and experience. They also need to understand how handle the intricacies of a credentials system. They should have great organizational skills, but have the ability to adapt to or create multiple credentialing platforms. They should be a diligent planner with an understanding of how credentialing ebbs and flows, so they can staff up or down and adapt as necessary. I'd also say that inventory skills and experience is a must as well.

Jess Cortese
Operations Manager, BWG 


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