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Top 30 Resources for Credentialing Managers to Bookmark in 2022

by Ian Davis
on January 6, 2022
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The year is officially 2022!  Now that all of the champagne has been popped and the confetti has been vacuumed up, it’s time to look towards this year’s events with excitement and optimism.

Sure we learned a heck of a lot in 2021 about the future in event management, but as we all know there is always more knowledge out there just waiting for us to tap into. With the exponentially increasing development of technology and innovation across the event industry, keeping up with the latest news and trends is a matter of sheer survival. 

Thankfully for event credential manager friends, we have decided to pull together the most insightful resources all in one handy blog post. From music festivals to sports events, this library of links has what you need to succeed as a credential expert in 2022. So bookmark it, pin it, add it to your favorites, however you save useful links so you can refer back to them now and later. 

Let this listicle serve as your go-to guide in 2022 and let’s get started on the road to a successful new year!  


Resources Categories 


   Top Blog Subscriptions

  1.  Lennd Blog
    The Lennd Blog is constantly updated with behind-the-scenes event stories, helpful tips from credential experts all across the industry, and on-demand webinar highlights with special guests. This is a subscription you can’t afford to miss if you work in credential management! 
       2.  Event Tech Blog

When it comes to technology on-site, you can glean some really great knowledge from Event Tech’s blog. Whether it’s tech specs, logistical challenges, or best practices, they’ve got you covered.

       3.  Ticketing Business Blog

The Ticketing Business Blog is an excellent resource that is constantly refreshed with international news regarding the state of live music festivals and sports events. To stay up to date on continuing COVID measures and monthly industry reviews, check out Ticketing Business Blog. 

       4. Event Manager Blog

Event Manager Blog has a primary focus on all things conference and hybrid related. For event managers navigating the complexities of blending virtual and in-person experiences, this resource is filled with helpful surveys and trends that can provide superb insight.

       5.  ID&C Band Blog

This one will really hit home for credential managers who need information on RFID, event security, and how sports events and music festivals are implementing this technology. ID&C Band’s blog will keep you on the forefront of industry trends when it comes to physical credentials with digital implications, so you can make informed decisions on your next event.


  Top Newsletters

        6.  Back of House Newsletter

Ever want to see what’s going on behind the curtain at other music festivals? Back of House is an inside look at all things festival management, from the advance to the post-event analysis. You don’t want to miss this newsletter subscription!

       7.  BizBash Buzz Newsletter

BizBash Buzz is a heavy hitter in the events and conferencing industry space when it comes to providing news, tips, and trends. They cover a wide range of topics, from production & strategy, catering & design, event tech & venues, and more. 

       8.  International Ticketing Association Access Newsletter

The crew at International Ticketing Association are “a non-profit membership organization that connects entertainment professionals with the education, visionary thinking, innovation, tools and relationships they need” through their expansive newsletter. They provide in-depth analysis and all around solid content to help out the events community. 

       9.  Front Gate Tickets Newsletter

Front Gate Tickets has an awesome newsletter that is broken down into convenient categories. From artist features, festival recaps, and lineup announcements to fun activities like quizzes.


Top Podcasts 

      10.  GatherGeeks by Bizbash

GatherGeeks podcast from Bizbash features event experts from all over the industry in various roles. Hosted by David Adler, chairman and founder of BizBash, this auditory expedition is full of interesting conversations that are sure to spark ideas and speak to the inner event junkie in us all. 

      11.  EventIcons

EventIcons is a weekly podcast where the biggest names in events sit down for an informal chat. Think NPR’s Planet Money but for the events world rather than finance discussions. Totally worth a listen!

      12.  The Event Tech Podcast

This is an excellent listen for those who are all about tech in the event industry. Hosted by Brandt Krueger of Event Technology Consulting & Will Curran of Endless Events, this roughly bi-monthly podcast focuses on the edge of innovation in events.  

      13.  The Event Lab Podcast by Hire Space

The Event Lab Podcast is aimed at bringing event planners and suppliers together to talk strategy when it comes to this competitive industry. Specifically, this show hones in on conferences and corporate events, from in-person to virtual and everything (hybrid) in-between. 

     14.  Turn of Events by SocialTables

Turn of Events is a cleverly named podcast hosted by SocialTables which discusses all things in the conference and b2b meeting landscape.  It’s a fairly new offering but they have already covered some niche ground regarding the tips for hotel venues to attract group business post-pandemic.


  Top Blog Posts, Webinars, & Guides

     15.  Best Credentialing Software for Sports Events | Compare the Top 4 Tools

Ever wonder what the major difference is between the major sports credential management platforms? This is an absolute must read for anyone who is tasked with handling sports creds in 2022. 

     16.  Manage Your Credentials Like Electric Zoo—A Behind the Scenes Look

Remember the warmth and sunshine of summer? Well that may be gone for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but this behind-the-scenes look at E-ZOO 2021 with Credential Manager Chase Wilkes will bring you right back. It’s a super fascinating look at what goes into advancing a massive event with a seasoned professional. 

     17.  2022 Event Marketing Technology: A Discussion with the IT Department

Next up is a comprehensive article discussing the perils and opportunities presented by the pandemic in regards to event technology. With a rise in virtual experiences during the lockdowns, attendees developed a need for more captivating content and interactivity. Learn about balancing expectations with ROI… and reality. 

     18.  Lennd’s Event Industry Roundtables

Ever wonder what major sports organizations and music festivals have in common when it comes to credential management? We did, and that’s why Lennd pulled together folks from the NFL, NBA, BAA, and Outside Lands to find out first hand with a roundtable discussion. This one is an excellent watch you don’t want to miss!

     19.  Intix Online Learning Center

With a wide range of topics, the Intix Online Learning Center is filled with exceptional streams on-demand that are sure to speak to everyone out there making it in the wild world of event management. The most recent webinar showcases women in the theater industry who adapted to the shutdowns by live streaming their plays, truly living the mantra, “the show must go on!”. 

     20.  Accreditation Management: An Ultimate Guide for Sports Events

Imagine if everything you ever needed to know about sports credentials was carefully curated and confined to one location for you to access at will? Well imagine no more!  Accreditation Management: An Ultimate Guide for Sports Events is here to bring you wisdom, comfort, and actionable steps to tackle your next event like a defensive end on Sunday! 

     21.  The Definitive Guide to Event Accreditation

This guide from Accredit Solutions helps credential managers navigate the difficulties of creating an “end to end” accreditation process focused on security and efficiency. 

     22.  How to Use Accreditation to Secure Your Venue and Event

Another useful guide from Accredit Solutions that is all about security and eliminating the potential for an outside threat within your event. It’s rooted in tons of research and first-hand experience from accreditation experts they have worked with. 


Top Events, Memberships & Certifications

23.  INTIX 2022 by International Ticketing Association

This live in-person event is being held January 18-21 in Orlando, FL and it’s the 43rd annual conference and exhibition focused on the future of ticketing, hosted by INTIX. 

      24.  The 2022 Event Planner Expo

The 2022 Event Planner Expo is being held in-person in NYC on October 11-13, as well as virtually. It’s an extraordinary networking event for anyone who’s anyone in the conference and B2B space. 

      25.  Connect Sports Spring Marketplace by BizBash

Want a perfect excuse to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico in May? How about meeting with like-minded professionals in the sports event industry while spending time in paradise? This event may be just what you need come springtime, May 21-24 to be exact. 

      26.  Certified Meeting Professional by the Event Industry Council

When you're looking to refine your skills and elevate your status among your peers, certification can be an excellent solution. The CMP certification by the Event Industry Council is “ recognised globally as the badge of excellence in the events industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a rigorous exam.”

      27. Certified Special Events Professional by ILEA

Maintaining a high standard for event industry professionals is important to the community as a whole, especially when it involves special events. ILEA offers the CSEP, or Certified Special Events Professional designation, by way of a serious program to train and instill excellence, with significant testing to solidify the lessons learned. 

      28. Certified Festival & Event Executive with IFEA

Not to be confused with the ILEA, the IFEA offers a Festival & Event Executive  certification program designed to empower industry professionals to enhance their career trajectory through rigorous training and support. The requirements for entry are quite extensive, but this ensures the integrity of the program and its members. 

      29.  Professional Convention Management Association

In the world of B2B conferences and executive meetings, having access to a dedicated community can be the rocket that propels your career far beyond your wildest dreams. PMCA is a membership organization which gives premium access to it’s participants, putting many on the fast-track to success and professional development.

      30.  IGNITE SUCCESS by International Ticketing Association

International Ticketing Association’s IGNITE SUCCESS is a multi-tiered membership program that connects industry professionals through live conferences, finds members employment opportunities through job listings, and provides a mentorship program for those looking to grow their knowledge and skills. There are different levels of enrollment based on the needs of the member which is a huge benefit for those with specific goals in mind.


So there you have it, thirty resources for you to access as needed.

From blogs and guides to help you through this new year as a credential manager, fun podcasts and webinars to give you inspiration for your next event, or retreats and memberships to elevate your career and take charge of your future in this crazy yet amazing industry… it’s all here for you to capitalize on.  

Here’s to you, our dear credential manager friends, and the new year that is upon us. Let’s make this one a year to remember! 


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