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Meet the Producer
Meet Photographer: Meghan Klein
by Bethany Reed
on August 10, 2015
Photo Cred: Bethany Terry


Sometimes the little birdie has to leave the nest. So knowing I’m a softy, our incredible intern Bethany Reed (@bethanyreedd) “Leaned In” and asked if she could lead an interview of her own.

My response: The pressure is on kid :)

BTW - if you think you have what it takes start your own interview or Popcorn game. Shoot me an email: 


Ok, so if this is my shot to cap off my internship. I choose Seattle Photographer, Meghan Klein. She not just an amazing artist, but a great friend. She’s kind of a big deal.

Photo Cred: @breed22

Meghan Klein is a Southern California transplant who now calls sunny Seattle home. Her day and night job and passion is taking photos as Meghan Klein Photography. When not shooting amazing photos, you can find her throwing all night editing parties with the likes of Mary Frances McCleod (@WanderWithMary) and Marissa Maharaj (@marissamaharaj). 

Everyone, meet Meghan.

Photo Cred: @jennabechtholt 

I'll Set the Scene for ya

It’s early Friday morning. Meghan and I are headed to grab coffee in North Park, San Diego. We sit down and she’s instantly inspired (everything around her seems comes to life). It’s like a lightswitch. She’s snapping pictures, cracking jokes, and sharing wisdom. Eventually I come up for air and it’s an hour later. Do I care that I haven’t asked her a single interview question? Not at all. 

Okay Megs, you ready?

MEGHAN: Is this thing recorded?

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Photo Cred: @marissamaharaj

Fave Alcohol Bev?
MEGHAN: Whiskey, on the rocks.

Film or digital?
MEGHAN: For work, digital. For personal, film.

NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?
MEGHAN: NSYNC- are you kidding? It was my very first concert in 5th grade. I used binoculars to look at Justin Timberlake’s butt. I got in trouble, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Country Music or Hip Hop?
MEGHAN: 2015 Meghan is way more into 90’s rap.

Alright, gangsta - fav rap song?
MEGHAN: Jump Around. I know all the words. Or anything Biggie.

What’s your Spirit animal?
MEGHAN: Kristen Wiig

Favorite card in Cards Against Humanity?
MEGHAN: Always “Michelle Obama’s arms”. Maybe because I wish my arms looked like hers.

Favorite instagram account?
MEGHAN: @humansofny just always tugs at those heartstrings! They get me everytime.

If your friend’s were tipsy, how would they describe you?

Photo Cred: @meghanklein

As your friend, I agree HA! But, actually I thinks it’s something more like this…

Mary @wanderingwithmary:  Meghan's warm personality and genuine interest in others is why her photography is one of a kind.

MEGHAN: Clearly they are tipsy.

Photo Cred: @tonhyakae

So, Seattle or LA?

MEGHAN: Seattle! LA will always be home, but Seattle is a hidden secret that most people disregard because they think it rains too much. I’m sold here.

If I’m planning a trip to the great PNW, what are some must do’s?

MEGHAN: Definitely heading to Westward and eating oysters on Lake Union. It’s my current favorite pastime. This city has amazing restaurants…I suggest eating your way through each neighborhood, especially Ballard.

Photo Cred: @meghanklein

It’s been about a year and a half since you moved from LA to Seattle. How has that transition affected your business?

MEGHAN: I was extremely nervous about entering a very saturated wedding photography market, but the wedding community welcomed me with open arms....seriously, the photographers in this city are some of the most genuine around. I’ll be here for a while!

How will you know you’ve “made it” in the business?

MEGHAN: Being "a photographer" was always a distant and unrealistic goal for me. So to be here, doing full time lifestyle photography feels like I have "made it". 

In your professional life, is there anything you feel insecure about?

MEGHAN: Comparing myself to others gets me in trouble. I am constantly surrounded by incredible photographers, so at times I find myself looking at their amazing work and getting down on my own. What I've been realizing more and more, is that I have my own voice and my own style. I have to remind myself to be who I am and photograph people the way I love to.

Photo Cred: @meghanklein

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

MEGHAN: Mary Frances McLeod of Floataway Studios without a doubt. She hired me as her intern in 2011 and she changed my life in a huge way. God blessed me hard with her.

Photo Cred: @wanderingwithmary

Describe your photography style.

MEGHAN: My favorite thing in the world is playing with warm natural light (yes, that does exist in Seattle) and creating a story with my lens about the couple I’m photographing. I love keeping things as natural as possible.

Photo Cred: @meghanklein

What do you want your clients to feel from your photos?

MEGHAN: Somebody told me recently that they feel really comforted when they look at my images. That is one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received. I want my clients to see themselves as they really are. Those are the types of photos they’ll show their kids someday.

This was a pretty big gig for you. Tell me about this shot and why it's one of your favs?

Photo Cred: @meghanklein

MEGHAN: To me, this image is full of confidence and elegance and that's a lot of why I love it so much. Her dress was incredible - the back was plunging and exposed, but I love that only a tiny bit is visible in this frame. Their posture and how comfortable they look in each other's arms draws me in.

It also never hurts when Kaleb Norman James is doing the designing and coordinating. He's SO much fun to work with.

Besides home, where do you feel most at home?

MEGHAN: Marissa Maharaj’s couch, with Friends playing in the background. Marissa and I have known each other since preschool and somehow both ended up in Seattle as wedding photographers. We have a lot of fun editing parties.

Do these editing parties include your Poler napsack?

MEGHAN: Oh of course. It’s the most comfy work attire. If I’m going to have to sit in front of a computer all day, why not do it in luxury? It’s a sleeping bag with holes for your arms and feet. It just feels productive.

You might be the first person ever to use the words luxury and productive to describe a sleeping bag.

Photo Cred: @meghanklein  

Forget a career in photography, you have a big future ahead of you in modeling for Poler:)

If you were just starting out, what advice would you give yourself?

MEGHAN: Do what you love. And do it with your shoes off:)

Photo Cred: @wanderingwithmary

 Who should I interview next? Why?

Mary McLeod - You'll quickly learn why her Instagram handle is a perfect fit for her @WanderingWithMary


Consider these my interview outtakes or just interesting anecdotes on Meghan:

+ She does not believe in rolling the toothpaste tube

+ Her arch nemesis is a squirrel named Hank, who is always finding new ways to terrorize her patio and wake her up in the morning. In her words: “They're little terrorists, you have to get medieval on them”.

+ She can open a wine bottle using only her shoe.

+ She’s the master of the grilled cheese with a slice of tomato inside (total game changer).

+ Notorious BIG is her Pandora station of preference.

+ She’s known for texting people Friends quotes on a daily basis. Her fav “I’m breazy"


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