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Meet the Vendor
Rachael from Lace and Likes
by Chris Carver
on January 27, 2015
Photo by @renatastone

Life is fascinating, but people are even more fascinating. I created Lennd because I wanted to work with creatives that I admire, and ideally find a way to help them do what they do. These people are artists but their creativity is only partially what I admire - it’s the dedication to their craft that gets me. The fact that they said ‘no’ to the corporate gig to start their own thing, didn’t heed the warnings of so many, and just went for it...having that courage is what made them come to life. We’re starting to do weekly interviews with some of those courageous people that are a part of the Lennd network.

Enjoy the interview. I sure did.


Chris Carver
Co-Creator - Lennd

To kick it off...

We’re starting with one of the greats. Wedding stylist Rachael Lunghi is the owner of Lace & Likes, and so damn creative that we insisted she be the first in our hot seat. She believes in the power of collaboration over competition, and she’s been by our side from day one, which actually doesn’t even come close to the top reason we’re such’ll understand what we mean soon enough.

Let’s set the scene: We’re sitting outside at Rachael’s favorite coffee Shop: Cafe Ipe in Leucadia, CA. She’s in full denim with a big red beanie and her best friend Cash is sitting on my lap licking my face.

Photo by AmigoBooth

Ok Rach, here we go...

If your friends were a little tipsy, how would they describe you?
As loving and warm, but a little bit sassy. Most of them call me ‘mom’ as a nickname. So.

If you were a little tipsy, what would you be drinking -- and how many?
Whiskey or bourbon. Depends. Maybe three. I'm kind of a tank.

It's safe to say you love tattoos. What is it about them you dig so much? Of your own, what's your favorite and where is it?
I like their permanence and that mine, at least, all mean something to me. They remind me of a time or place in my life - it's like a permanent diary on my body. My favorite is my little prince tattoo on my inner arm, and my courage tattoo on my finger.

Speaking of little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you always want to be a wedding stylist?
The first halloween costume I got to pick myself was a bride. If that tells you anything.

Photo by @renatastone and Mom (@ginnif)

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere, but mostly in nature and art. Seeing all of the beauty around me inspires me to create. When you are in the woods you realize how naturally beautiful things are and you don't have to do a ton to make things exquisite. It also has a patience that you don't find in other places. My friends are my favorite artists. I was obsessed with Monet when I was younger.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself when you were first starting out?
Breathe. Humility. Be a good/kind human first and foremost. Learn to say no gracefully/don't overwhelm yourself. Empathy.

So how did you come to this realization?
Going through my divorce changed me alot, alot. Owning my own business. Being in your early 20's, there’s a lot of lessons.

Just wait till your 30’s.
You’re soooo old...

Is there a vendor you haven’t worked with yet that you’d absolutely love to work with someday?
Sarah Winward is a flower goddess. So probably her. @SARAH_WINWARD

What makes her a flower goddess?
She's just amazing. She also kind of reminds me of a flower (natural, beautiful, soft, feminine).

What one change do you think would make the wedding industry better?
Camaraderie/less high school-type drama. But I think that's with ANY industry.

Let’s get real. You’re kind of a big deal on The Instagram. Do you have a system for posting?
No way! Haha. Kinda? I’m not sure, really. I just take lotsa photos, of lotsa things, and then post the ones I like that fit the whole scope of my Instagram.

If you don’t follow @laceandlikes, @sirenfloralco and @girlswithsaws, you’re missing out.

So besides being a wedding stylist,  you’re something of a renaissance woman when it comes to the biz world. Can you tell us more about Girls with... Girls with... wait, Girls With What?
SAWSSSSSSS. We build backdrops and all kindsa things. We will also be offering workshop/tool safety classes soon!

Is the workshop only for women? I know a lot of guys that could use this class.
No - that wouldn't be fair. Plus, a guy should know how to get his hands dirty.

Intention for the year?
Don't be an asshole [was my first instinct]...I feel like that spreads to all areas of life and has multiple meanings.

Are you normally an asshole?
hah! I hope not.

What is Rachael like when she's mad?
An asshole. hah! Kidding. It takes a lot to make me angry, but passive aggressiveness makes me angry. Actually... more sad because I try to be so straightforward. I'm Italian, so maybe that helps describe what I’m like (the sass comes out).

If you weren’t working as a wedding stylist,  what would you be doing?

What would your itinerary be for the year?
Oh my gosh. That's so hard. I'd first go see all of my friends. West Coast to East Coast and then South & Central America, Iceland, etc.

You basically just said everywhere. How about your favorite road trip?
Oregon coast this last summer. It was such an adventure, and a lesson in being open and willing to just go with it. When you are capable of that, it’s a reminder that you're going to be okay. We met so many amazing characters along the way. My favorite: a lovely lady named Kitten and her pet turtle. I wish I had a picture.

Who would you like me to interview next? What one question should I ask them?
No way, it’s like the game Popcorn! hah!

Popcorn: Max and Molly. Definitely ask them the, "if your friends were a little tipsy” question.

Parting Wisdom.
The Golden Rule.
Consider how your actions can affect someone else.
If there is something you want to do: Go for it and don't give up on it.

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