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Meet the Vendor
Max and Molly Films
by Chris Carver
on February 5, 2015
Photo by Steph Grant Photography

What if I told you that when you grow up, you are going to have a successful singing career, be a ridiculously rad videographer, get paid to document your travels, do voice overs for some of your favorite cartoons and brands, make documentaries that expose human rights atrocities, work with your best friends, and be doing it all with your life partner, best friend and soul mate? You’d laugh and call BS on my BS.

And then I’d tell you that it’s possible, because I just met a husband and wife duo that are doing it. Max Cutrone and Molly Jenson are very real, and the way I describe them above doesn’t even come close to illustrating the depths of their creativity. The wedding videos they create are just scratching the surface.

Enjoy the interview. I sure did.

Co-Creator - Lennd

Let’s set the scene: Max just got back from his latest shooting trip (as in video) to Utah, and Molly is prepping for a tour with her country band, Sam Outlaw. We meet at their local coffee shop (Influx) in downtown San Diego, and immediately we start catching up on everything under the sun. Twenty minutes later I realize I haven’t even asked them a single question about themselves. Rookie mistake.

Let’s flip this around.

So Molly, what's the quirkiest thing about you and Max that we really should know?
MOLLY: We talk in funny voices a lot. And dance in our underwear frequently.

Funny Voices... like cartoon character voices?
MOLLY: Yeah, I create a lot of creatures every day—I do “Marcel the Shell” really well. That’s my next career. That’s my dream job.

If you’re doing funny voices, you definitely have nicknames for each other. Care to share?
MAX: I’ll try to narrow it down to our most recent ones that aren’t too inappropriate. Fatty, Fat Face, Fatoush, Fattest Face, Fats, Poo, Poop, Care Bear, Bitties.

Those are... really... endearing...? Hah.

Photos by @maxcutrone and @mollyjay

If you were a few whiskeys deep, what would you say about Max?
MOLLY: I would say that he really is one of the most generous people I know.  And I would let it slip that he dances for me in his underwear at least once a day. And there may be video involved.

There’s that underwear and dancing thing again. Boxers or briefs, Max?
MAX: Briefs, multi-colored, preferably a size too small.

Whoaaa. That’s a visual I’m not sure I was ready for. :)

Do you think Molly would mind if you shared one of the videos you make for her?
Ha! I’m sure she’d love me to, but those are just for us.

Photo by @mollyjay

Molly, I understand you might have a small obsession with chubby kids? Is this true?
MOLLY: Yes! I am totally stereotyping here, but I’ve found that the chubbier the kid is, the sweeter they are. Sweeter and gigglier, and always up for a hug. But I try not to ask little kids to give me a hug, unless I know them.

What is it about papaya that you love? BTW - Did you know papaya helps get rid of parasites?
MOLLY: I have always loved fruit, but papaya is one of my favorites. And did you know that I’m in the process of trying to get rid of a parasite right now? Who told you?!

Maybe Poop or Fats. Or was it Fat Face? I can’t remember. :)

Max, can you describe your creative process you go through when shooting and producing a film.
MAX: Once I arrive, I try to take everything in: The vibe of the event, the energy of the people, the music that’s playing, the scenery and surroundings. All of that helps me decide what the film will end up evolving into. Each client is unique and special to me. I never want my films to look the same.

So, where do you find inspiration?
MAX: Creation. In many forms, but the outdoors is where my spirit breathes.

Is that where the idea for Get Lost With Us, came from?
MAX: It was originally Rachel and Rico (Castillero), Austin and Tori's idea. We were just lucky to be a part of it, the fact that we all love to travel and experience new places, became a perfect way for us to showcase our work/talent while we travel—that spun it into what it is today.

This desert adventure is unreal, and this two-year-old is cooler than I will ever be. Video by Max + Molly Films

I think we just made a lot of people really jealous right now (and inspired of course). So where are you headed next?
Our next trip is either Iceland or Montana.

So Molly, when you hear ________________ from _______________ , you immediately think of ___________ time/experience in your life.
MOLLY: “Under The Pressure” from War on Drugs. I immediately think of our trip to Maui last August. We were filming two weddings in one week and I think we listened to War on Drugs’ “Lost In the Dream” album the entire trip. It was such a fun time for us and that song specifically takes me back to warm, balmy days, exploring the island.

What’s on tap for 2015?
MOLLY: My country band (Sam Outlaw) just got a big deal booking agent so it sounds like I might be traveling a bit more this year. But will still be filming weddings with Max when I’m in town :)

So can you help me understand the feeling you get playing a big time gig?
MOLLY: Well, it’s like an adrenaline rush. Especially when I am on stage, at a really good show, where the crowd is really into it and I know the other band members feel it as well. There just an energy the comes from a great crowd and a venue with great sound. When I am in a moment like that, I feel like I am the most confident version of me. I am the best parts of myself in that moment. I know I must have the biggest smile on my face.

Molly rocking out at Stagecoach. Yes, STAGECOACH. Photo by Within a Dream Photography

Do you ever get nervous on stage or off?
MOLLY: I get nervous in every creative area of life. We pour ourselves into what we do, and we want people to love it. Music is where I get the most nervous. But I just try to breathe, stretch, meditate, focus on the fact that this was what I was made to do.

A shot of fireball also helps :)

Fun Bonus: Check out Molly’s Voice-over Demo Reel.

What’s your favorite song on your next album and why?
MOLLY: Choosing a favorite is not easy. I like all of them! But my favorite song on our latest EP is called “Kind To Me”. Its got this outlaw country sort of vibe. I see the music video set in an old country town saloon with dust in the air, and of course a bar fight would break out, but no one would get hurt.

Sounds like a great gig for a talented producer/videographer. Know anyone?
MOLLY: Haha... I might. :)

So, knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself when starting out?
MAX: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your gut is telling you to try something, try it. Take risks. Be proactive.

And five years from now - what do you see yourself focused on?
MAX: I’d like to be doing documentaries. I’m working with a cool organization right now called The Global Immersion Project. Even though I really enjoy wedding videos and the connection we have with our clients, I feel like I’m working towards something that is really life giving. I just want to tell a really good story.

What’s your spirit animal?
MOLLY: A house cat. They just seem comfortable being alone. They can take care of themselves, but usually like to get cuddly. Of course they can get kinda moody too. They really just want to stay at home and venture out every now and then.

I’m working on a reading list from every creative I interview, so If you could recommend one book to someone, what would it be? (Nothing cliche).
MOLLY: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. If you’re an artist who has trouble getting motivated, this is the read for you.

Just like the book rec, who’s someone I should be following in Instagram?
MAX: @hippie_kids — they inspire me to be creative, love of nature and people and embrace a lifestyle that deep down I truly long for, stripped down and simple.

MOLLY: @RachelCastleandThings. She makes crazy weird things, but the stuff she says is soo funny. The creativity is so amazing. I would never think of doing the things that she does. I think I like art from people who you wouldn’t expect it from. It’s not overly serious. Because I love to paint robots and monsters.

Monsters & Robots, because?
Well that’s just what comes out.

Molly’s Art, Titled: ‘Stop, You’re Going To Mess Up My Hair’.

Do you ever name the Monsters & Robots?
I often name my characters, but I try not to when I’m painting, as I’m usually painting to sell them and I don’t want to get too attached. You know, just like how they say “never name a stray dog”. They say that don’t they?

“Theyyyy”, might?

Is there a vendor you haven’t worked with yet that you’d absolutely love to work with some-day?
MAX: Shark Pig. They were our inspiration from the start.

Parting Wisdom?
MAX: Everybody is unique and made perfectly as they are. So stop comparing yourself to others and just be YOU.

Who's next? Any questions I should ask?
Popcorn: Rico and Rachel Castillero.

MAX: Ask them if they have ever had sex at a wedding?

MOLLY: Have they ever had sex working a wedding?

Oh Boy! Now we’re gettin’ somewhere. This should be interesting.

My thoughts, after meeting Max & Molly

What struck me throughout the interview was that I’m not sure these two even know how accomplished they are. If they do, they hide it pretty damn well. My take is that they are just so in love with creating cool shit, that talking about what they’ve done isn’t a priority. I also noticed how much they work at their craft and that “fairy tale” life that so many would want, is a decision. It’s an intentional way of living. One that is not easy to even remotely get close to, let alone maintain. But Max & Molly are taking the road less traveled, head on, and they’re doing it together.

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