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How to Maximize Post-Event Content from Your Hybrid or In-Person Conference

by Erin Chesterton
on April 27, 2022
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You spent weeks planning compelling sessions and hosting your hybrid or in-person conference, but you’re not done yet! The digital content you create for a hybrid event can be recycled and last well beyond the live event itself. 

Don’t let that hard work you put into your content go to waste—get creative and brainstorm how to create snippets, video content and promotions post-event. Not only will you save time and money on your content strategy, but you’ll also maximize the new content you have at your disposal. 

Also, consider how you can use your post-event strategy as a means to support your attendee engagement and retention efforts after the conference. Maximize the data you gather from the hybrid event (i.e. sessions attended, time in session, questions asked) to really cater their follow up experience and make it feel personalized. 

13 creative ways to to repurpose event content and re-engage with attendees

  1. Create a highlight reels of the key moments from the event
  2. Share your user-generated content across social media and use it as an opportunity to give shoutouts to attendees
  3.  Send a post event thank you email to all attendees
  4. Send a "sorry we missed you" email to your no-shows
  5. Segment your data based on live polls and Q&As to inform your nurture strategy
  6. Build a post-event landing page to house your content from the event (HINT: recap videos, tweets, social posts, photos etc.)
  7. Hold a post event survey
  8. Nurture attendees and no-shows with relevant content based on the data captured
  9. Share the poll results from the event on social media or in a blog
  10. Send a surprise giveaway to your top attendees
  11. Draft a blog post sharing key takeaways from the event
  12. Make a highlight reel from the event's most engaging moments and send it to no shows
  13. Get strategic with your sponsorships—hold post-event giveaways or contests based on the attendees you engage with during the live event

The time and energy you invest into a strategic segmentation and communication strategy will set the stage for you to cultivate meaningful relationships with new and prospective event goers.

Pro tip: Use your follow up as a means to drive interest in your next big event or engagement. If it’s paid, provide a discount, if it’s a free event, offer them an incentive for signing up early (i.e. t-shirt, giftcard.)

In the new world of hybrid events, the post event strategy is really just an extension of your live experience—don't let it slip away.



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