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How to Boost Sponsor ROI for Your Next Hybrid Conference

by Erin Chesterton
on April 27, 2022
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Hybrid events give your sponsors an opportunity to engage with two distinct audiences, not just one. With lower cost to entry, greater reach and more engaging experiences—sponsors now have the opportunity to drive more value from events and use them into a relationship-building tool with the following benefits:

"I think it's a sponsor’s dream actually, because I think there's so many events with so much wasted sponsorship money. The audience isn't really engaging with a banner or ad or goodie bag, I just think those times are gone." - Keith Williams, Founder @ CrankedUp

The data supports this as well, with 72% of corporate sponsors interested in participating in a hybrid event, as long as they can effectively reach both audiences.

The good news is that a hybrid environment adapts to these desires seamlessly, and makes it easier for sponsors than ever before to take a more structured and strategic approach to showcasing their brand and engaging with attendees. 


"We can expose people to this particular content at a certain time, and that's what we did and the engagement was really really high—it was unbelievable. It was so easy to do and it's great responses for sponsors, and they really can connect with the attendees or riders in a different way." - Keith Williams, Founder @ CrankedUp

Below are some creative ways to incorporate sponsors in a hybrid setting to drive ROI:

    1. Virtual expo booths, full branded to the sponsor, with the ability to add videos, logos, and products, as well as meeting slots and different limits on the capacity of meetings and visitors.
    2. Communications like marketing emails and push notifications to remind targeted attendees of sponsored sessions or live demos.
    3. Attendee networking and matchmaking features and events (i.e. happy hours)
    4. Post-event surveys for feedback for sponsors to improve in the future.
    5. Gamify the experience—send surprise prizes based on audience engagement—for a bit of fun and to create brand awareness!

Access to this data also enables sponsors to segment more effectively and unearth high-intent leads based on the insights captured. For sponsors navigating the uncertainty of the events landscape throughout the 2022, it's clear virtual presents a major opportunity to drive demonstrable ROI on your investment.



Lennd is a technology company that builds infrastructure to help bring events of every size to life. From small music festivals to major conferences, sports gatherings and everything in between—event leaders across the globe trust our software to manage their event operations and provide their people with one streamlined experience.



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