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How to match your event production quality with your marketing and branding.

by Chris Carver
on November 16, 2016
Tahoe Daily Tribune


I recently interviewed Heather Story for our blog and was blown away by her knowledge, experience and downright enthusiasm for her work. I could have asked her another 100 questions.

So here's another...

ME: How do you match your event production quality with your marketing and branding?

Oh my gosh, it's sooo hard.

I think one of the most challenging things there is for event producer is to bring the same level of production quality to the event that get's portrayed in the marketing and branding of the event. 

I don't think that we do it perfectly right now at all. I'm not sure that most people do. But... I know everybody wants to. You want the experience to be as magical as it looks in the pictures. But it's not easy.

Event production advice

So here's a few of my quick thoughts:

FIRST: One of the things that we do, is have people who are not in the grind of the production, look at what we're doing from a different perspective. Sometimes I have to be the person to take a step back and be like... 

"Hey, all of those flags are dirty. That's not lined up. We are not providing a clear message from the stage. This isn't in line with our brand."

So I think purposefully enlisting all of our team members to try and do that at times is really helpful. Our CEO constantly comes in and changes the position of our sign post and signage, even if it's off three-quarters of an inch. He does that at every single festival that we do. That's his thing and I appreciate it. He wants to make sure that the wayfinding that goes on at our festival is the best that it can be. He has a lot of other things that he points out as well, but I do think it takes someone who's not in the weeds, to ensure that we're maintaining a high quality aesthetic throughout each event.

event production tips
Event production quality assurance 101: Communiction from the stage is critical. Photo Cred: Wanderlust

TWO: It takes a variety of different ears to listen to the messages that we're giving people from the stage. Having them ask, what is the message that we're trying to give? Making sure everybody on the team knows what that message is, making sure everybody knows the experience that we're trying to convey and making sure everyone is bought into that message is all really critical.

If anyone who works on the Wanderlust 108 thinks that we are just throwing a 5K, or having three thousand people do yoga in a grass field, then I haven't done my job of explaining to them what we're really producing.
We're creating the opportunity for people to have transformational experiences. That’s what we’re doing. And When everybody can buy into that from the forklift operator to the stage manager, then they all become your secret shoppers and they all become another set of eyes and ears out there saying, "Hey, is this conveying the message that we want?"

I think it's the most challenging thing I think there is in our industry. Matching the production quality with our marketing and branding is something we strive for at every event.


The Wanderlust Secret Shoppers or Event production Quality Assurance Team. Photo Cred: Wanderlust

BTW - if any of you reading this have other ways you approach this challenge, send it over to me or just add it to the comments below.

I have two simple asks of you:

ONE: If you know other event folks who would find this helpful: Please share it with them. 

TWO: If you want to drop some knowledge like Heather just did, or have a few tips worth sharing, just let me know: 

BTW - if you missed my full interview with Heather, I highly recommend checking it out: HERE

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