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Credential Management 101 with KAABOO's Jessica Brown

by Chris Carver
on November 16, 2016
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4 Tips for how to best manage credential pick up.
Team Writer: Jessica Brown, KAABOO

We recently worked with Jessica Brown, Taylor Gustafson and the KAABOO team on their credential management process.

First of all: I have to say, these guys are pros. Seeing them in action was really cool. So... I thought I get Jess to share a tips on how she approaches the credential pick up process and a few tips for those in her position:

PREPARE: Prepare and organize EVERYTHING you possibly can prior to the show. Build spreadsheets, label stuff, activate creds, get extra supplies.  Over prepare so you can go with the flow come show time.

STAY ON TOP OF YOUR SHIT: Keep all notes, changes, and additions in one place, preferably within a web-based program.  Being able to quickly reference who got what when is essential to staying organized and keeping your sanity. Who doesn't love their sanity? ;) 

MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION: You are the first face many festival staff see as they arrive to site. This means you'll be a catch-all for all sorts of questions, and gives you the chance to start the weekend out right for those folks. Be helpful, get the right answers to questions you haven't a clue about, make people feel a part of the team. Everyone contributes to the vibe of a festival, including staff....get them off to the right start!

THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN'T FIX: No really, short of someone having an actual heart attack, you can solve 99% of the problems that come your way.  Figure it out. Make it happen. Take care of business. 

Bonus Tip:  SMILE! And have a good time. Shoot dang, you're at a music festival after all. 

Jess Brown.jpg
Now that's how you do credential management. Who wouldn't want to see that smile when picking up their creds?

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Managing the pick-up of credentials, meal tickets, staff parking, comp tickets, etc. can easily turn into a pain in the rear. I thought KAABOO was smart in having a clear chain of command. They also empowered Jess to make the tough decisions. That reduces the meaningless chatter on the walkie and any confusion on who should make the final decision on things.

Here’s a shameless plug:
They also used LENND to manage the workflow of the requests, approvals and allocation of each one of those areas. Without a system, you’re probably using a Google Doc or spreadsheet. That type of thing typically starts out pretty smooth, but really breaks down when multiple requests, changes and errors start to pile up.It’s also pretty easy to let costs get out of hand in the chaos of the event. But we as humans seem to forget pain pretty quickly. So I thought I’d remind you :) 

Screenshot 2016-11-12 15.46.56.png

KAABOO: Taylor Gustafson, Director of Ticketing & Credentials (READ)
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