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20 Subject Lines to Drive More Opens on Your Call for Papers

by Erin Chesterton
on April 26, 2022
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Are you in the process of composing a call for papers for your upcoming event? You could have an exceptionally well-crafted email with all the reasons to speak at your cutting-edge conference, but all that effort can go to waste if you don’t have subject lines that can break through the noise.

Speakers receive hundreds of call for papers emails, and you need to craft compelling content to maximize your chances of receiving submissions from top talent. If the subject line doesn’t pack a punch, the email will be ignored like hundreds of others every day.

In fact, a whopping 69% of email recipients have said to report emails as spam solely on the basis of their subject line. 

So, we went and did the heavy lifting for you—compiling 20 of the best catchy email subject lines to drive more opens on your next call for papers.  

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20 Call for Speakers Subject Lines that Grab Your Speaker’s Attention

A good subject line is worth a thousand words. Attract world-class speakers to your next event with these 20 proven formulas to get more opens. I encourage you to test different formats. Try using emojis. Add brackets. Personalize. Infuse a little bit of humor. And when in doubt, FOMO always works. Feel free to copy, paste, and tweak for your next call for speakers and gain back what you value most - time.

    1. 🚨Last Call for Speakers at {name of event} 🚨
    2. Join all major influencers of [topic of conference] | Submit your abstract today!
    3. [Call for Speakers 2022] Your Ideas Deserve Attention - Make them Known at {name of event}
    4. [24hrs to Submit] Closing Time…You Don’t Have to Go Home but You Can’t *Speak* Here 
    5.  Your peers are speaking at {name of event}, will you? Submit today 👉
    6. Largest [Event Type] in [Geographic Location]: [Event Name] | Submit your abstract for 2022!
    7. 🗞️ Did you hear the news? See why leaders in {focus of event} are talking about [name of event]…
    8. What's stopping you from speaking at {name of event}? Submit TODAY!
    9. 💡 Join other game-changers in {focus of event} | Submit your abstract to speak today 
    10.  A {focus of event} lover’s dream event. Will you be there? 
    11. Wanted: Speakers Like You | Where: {City of Event} | When: Yesterday | How: Open this Email 
    12. 🎤 Ready, Set, Grow - Make Your Voice Heard at {name of event} 🎤
    13. You deserve the very best, {first_name}. Come speak with some of the best in {focus of event} at {name of event}
    14. You made the list. 📝 Want you join other top speakers at {name of event}?
    15. You have big ideas to share. What are you waiting for? Submit to speak at {name of event} 
    16. ⌛ 24 hours left to submit! ⌛ Join other experts in (focus of event)
    17. DEADLINES APPROACHING - It's Time to Start Submitting Your Abstract for {name of event}
    18. [Call for Speakers 2022] Your voice would be a critical addition to {name of event} 
    19. The clock is ticking…submit TODAY to speak at {name of event}
    20. 🗣️ It’s Your Year to Speak at {name of event} | Submit your abstract today...

Streamline & Simplify Your Call for Papers With Lennd

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Build automated email cadences to trigger reminders to save you time and energy spent tracking down people and their details. Reduce your administrative load so you can focus on other important tasks. Give speakers a VIP experience form the start with custom onboarding portals. 

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Crafting a high-converting subject line for your call for papers is just half the battle.

You've got your speaker's attention, now how are you going to keep it?

In this next blog, we'll share some quick tips to improve your call for speakers email content plus a high-converting email template to generate buzz and maximize submissions. 


Lennd is a technology company that builds infrastructure to help bring events of every size to life. From small music festivals to major conferences, sports gatherings and everything in between—event leaders across the globe trust our software to manage their event operations and provide their people with one streamlined experience.



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